Boys bring brooms to the yard!

Esther Schelfhout is a performance artist who will graduate this year with a masterdegree in Autonomous Design at KASK school of arts.. Her practise is based on narrative research of female figures in (art) history. How do we handle superior behavior towards woman in public and private spaces? She explores characters who dealt with these problematics in the past and emphasizes the relevance of these stories today. She does this by activating spaces in an intervention-wise way.

For ‘Boys bring brooms to the yard!’ she retells the story of a group of women who went sweeping the streets in 1918 as a symbolic action that ‘If we want to chance something in the position of women in the world, we need to do something now.’ They offered us a clean slate.

​Now, 100 years later, we experience this clean slate has not been used enough.
Schelfhout wants to take action herself. She goes to places where she experienced problematic situations or heard stories from other women. And offers them again a clean slate by resuming this action.

So after the performance, the environment is a neutral zone, where instead of discussion, a dialogue can arise.
A small gesture with a utopian vision of the future.

Each performance is preceded by a workshop where the participating women learn techniques to really chance something.